The world’s eyes are on the UK this month, as the British government struggles with the monumental and unprecedented task of leaving the European Union.

Opinion has been clearly divided across the public with this major change in the political landscape. Only 52% of the UK’s votes were in favour of leaving the EU, and many speculate that a second referendum would have a drastically different outcome.

The public now don’t get a chance to vote on the invidividual aspects of negotiations that will affect to their daily lives for years to come, but Opinary lets those people have their say.

Has your view on Brexit changed since the referendum?

Are you optimistic about the UK’s future post-Brexit?


Will Theresa May get a good Brexit deal for Britain?


Was Trump right to dismiss Sally Yates? When the new US President fired the Attorney General who rebuked one of his executive orders, Spiegel Online readers overwhelmingly said it was totally unjustified.

23,213 votes


Can Martin Schulz give the German left wing a much needed boost? Elections for Germany’s chancellor are looming, and Merkel’s main opponent’s party are in a rut. Funke readers were split over the SPD leader’s ability to bring his party back into power.

1,739 votes


Was John Bercow right to speak out against Donald Trump? The Speaker of the House Of Commons chose to vocalise his opposition to having Donald Trump address parliament, despite a convention of remaining impartial. HuffPost UK readers were split over his outburst.

4,922 votes

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The Gates Foundation wanted to know how German readers felt about stories relating to poverty in developing countries, and our tool helped them to gain honest answers. 34% said it did not worry them at all, while 54% said it made them very concerned.

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