Everyone was left flabbergasted last month when UK Prime Minister Theresa May called an early general election.

She pushed for the people of Great Britain to give her a fresh mandate for Brexit negotiations, and some suggested she was hoping to capitalise on her huge lead in the opinion polls over a floundering Jeremy Corbyn.

As the nation heads towards it’s third major vote in the last three years and faces a massive consitutional shift, breaking through filter bubbles and making individuals’ voices heard has never been more important.

Meanwhile, tensions between the US and North Korea continue to rise, relations between the EU and Turkey are on a downward spiral, and the world will now look towards Germany for a sign that the rise of right-wing populism has stalled after the Netherlands and France’s recent rebuffing of the far-right. Scroll down for a breakdown of all these key debates.

Do you think Theresa May will win the election?

While Telegraph readers mostly thought the incumbent prime minister would stay in Number 10, HuffPost UK readers were optimistic about a resurgence on the left.

Is a general election “in the national interest”?

Britain’s Fixed Term Parliaments Act was intended to set the dates of every election to stop a prime minister calling one at a time that was politically favourable, but most argued this special case was necessary to secure a strong mandate ahead of Brexit negotiations.

What’s the most important factor for you in choosing who to vote for?

Elections are often fought on many different topics, but this election has been overshadowed mostly by how the major parties will handle Brexit. Here’s what readers of The Telegraph and HuffPost UK think the most important issue is.

How do you plan to vote?

More than 50,000 Telegraph readers voted in this poll to let us know how they plan to vote on June 8th.

Do you think Labour could win an election under Corbyn?

Many staunch Corbyn supporters remain optimistic about the Labour leader’s chances, despite opinion polls showing otherwise. This poll of HuffPost UK readers shows that a large number of voters still think the left-winger can lead the party to Downing Street.


In a few months, Germany holds its federal elections. Like in many other countries, people are keeping an eye on the right-wing, which has experienced something of a resurgence in parts of the West. Using the data from thousands of users, we were able to figure out: Who are the people that are in favour of the right-wing AfD?

Here’s a little taste of what we were able to find out about people who thought the far-right party would have a successful election season.

The gender split: 66% were male, 34% were female.

And these are the age groups that hoped the AfD would fare well in the election.


Should the USA take action against North Korea? Growing tensions between the US and Kim Jong Un’s regime are growing, with North Korea launching several missile tests over the past months. Spiegel Online readers were split over how to respond.
46,294 votes

Should the EU call off Turkey’s accession negotiations? Turkey has been vying for EU membership for years, but in light of sweeping new powers given to President Erdogan and various provocations, 89% of Welt readers said the EU should cut ties.
6,839 votes

Is it time for us to ditch the handshake? Ozy used an Opinary poll to see what their readers thought after reading an in-depth look at the benefits of bowing in place of the Western standard of handshakes.
58,123 votes

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