With his public approval ratings hitting an all time low, Donald Trump faces dissent from his own party and strong opposition from various groups across the country, and the world, on many of his flagship policies.

As his travel bans are torn down, his healthcare plan defeated and abandoned, his wiretap claims debunked, and even his strongest supporters realising his budget plans would negatively affect their lives, where is the future headed for President Trump?

Here’s what the people are saying with Opinary’s interactive tools.

Is Trump doing a good job as president?

Do you think Russia was „meddling“ in the 2016 election?

Should President Trump release his tax returns?


How do you rate Trump’s performance so far?

Will Donald Trump’s border wall ever materialise?


Should the Republicans continue trying to repeal and replace Obamacare? Donald Trump’s flagship policy of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act was dead in the water after fierce opposition from even his own party, but AL.com readers say he should try again.

5,450 votes

Should the UK security services be given more anti-terror powers? In the wake of the terrorist attack on Westminster in March, many British newspapers were calling for the government to have greater powers of surveillance and more armed police on the streets. This is what HuffPost UK readers had to say.

7,162 votes


Do you agree with banks charging for ATM withdrawals? Sparkasse, one of Germany’s biggest banks, recently announced plans to charge its own customers to withdraw money at Sparkasse ATMs. German consumers were not happy – and it even led to this being the most popular Opinary poll of all time.

713,077 votes

Should the EU take a hard stance in Brexit negotiations? Article 50 has been triggered, beginning two years of negotiation between the UK and the EU – Should the European Union teach them a lesson, or keep them friendly? Spiegel Online readers had a strong view.

769,715 votes

This month, the fate of cannabis businesses (cannabusinesses?) and marijuana users across the US has been thrown into uncertainty as the Republican top brass say they plan to overhaul individual states‘ laws legalising the substance.

The folks at AL.com decided to use Opinary tools to get an idea of how their readers feel about cannabis and some of the arguments surrounding its use.

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