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How to analyse the results of your Opinary polls

Opinary is a revolutionary way for newsrooms to start conversations with their readers, and listening is just as important as asking the questions. That’s why we make it easy for you to analyse your users’ opinions at a glance, and offer several ways for you to take a deeper look at what they’re telling you. […]

Looking for subscribers? Here’s some relationship advice

As publishers around the world strive build better relationships with their audiences, it’s understandable that many treat their readers like customers. But what if you stopped treating it like a business transaction and started treating it like a relationship? How do you show your value on the first date to secure that all-important second date, […]

Introducing The Slider: the newest tool from Opinary

A new way to engage with Opinary Opinary is always striving to find new ways to orient and empower our users with our suite of tools. The Speedometer allows readers to place themselves on a scale between two answers, the Multiple Choice tool allows you to visualize different types of debates, and our newest tool […]

Editorial Intern for UK/US market

Applications for this position are now closed. As an editorial intern at Opinary you’ll become part of a team whose mission it is to give users a voice in online content. Maybe you’ve seen us already, for example in The Independent or HuffPost. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the digital publishing industry and […]

Merry Christmas from Opinary!

It’s the festive season, so we have a special gift for you. We’ve scoured through our database and picked some of our favourite opinion trends from our publishers. We hope this was interesting! If you want more fun insights, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.