As publishers around the world strive build better relationships with their audiences, it’s understandable that many treat their readers like customers. But what if you stopped treating it like a business transaction and started treating it like a relationship?

How do you show your value on the first date to secure that all-important second date, and hopefully begin a lasting relationship with this person?

Sure, having a fling and getting what you need from a one-time user is great, but what if you’re losing interest in those one-night-stands and want something more meaningful? Is that one quick click enough to satisfy you, or do you want your reader to click with you every night as part of a long-term relationship?

You could get that one click/ad impression from a user and never see them again, but that means you’re constantly searching for the next one. Constantly putting yourself out there to find another reader who wants to click with you.

By building a more meaningful relationship, you could have a committed user who will care about your content for weeks, months, or years to come. It just takes a little patience and persistence.

Would you propose to someone on the first date, or ask your Tinder match to be your boyfriend before you even met? No. And would they say yes if you did? Probably not. So why should a first-time reader buy a paid subscription if you haven’t shown your value yet? It’s better to ease into things, take it slow, and get to know each other first.

You can’t just jump straight into things and expect your desired result. Building a relationship takes a lot of communication over time. You text, you talk, you discuss issues, you have deep meaningful conversations.

So why are some publishers so reluctant to start a conversation with their readers, who are human beings, and preferring to think of them as statistics and numbers in a spreadsheet? Many news sites offer few chances for readers to actually interact, instead opting to overload users with adverts (or pop-ups asking them not to block their ads).

It’s no surprise that comment and interaction rates on many news sites continue to linger around 5%.

Opinary has found a unique and effective way to foster this communication and enable publishers to build the loyalty they crave. Think of us as your relationship coach.

We understand the engagement funnel and have built tools to effectively demonstrate your value to your readers. We make it easy to engage, understand and convert users by starting with a simple conversation.

With industry leading engagement rates of 15% (versus 0.2% in the average comment section), we’ve learned that users feel rewarded and heard when they have the opportunity to share their opinions. Using our knowledge, we can effectively convert those engaged users into social followers, paid subscribers, app users, etc.

Not only does this give you a more fulfilling and loyal relationship with your readers, that stable and consistent audience will also make you more attractive to advertisers and help you diversify your monetization strategy in a healthy way.

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