Our polls reveal that 47% of our UK news readers want a second referendum.

Here are the latest Brexit insights from Opinary.

As the UK nears its exit from the European Union, the nation is still bitterly divided over the Brexit vote. The Electoral Commision has been investigating both campaigns, and in-fighting in the two major political parties continues to cause problems. Some, including prominent MPs such as Justine Greening, have demanded a ‘Final Say’ referendum to let citizens take control of how the UK moves forward. Leading newspapers used Opinary’s tools to hear what their readers have to say about these critical political issues, allowing us to tap into public sentiment on a wide range of topics.

One poll used by five news sources asked readers about the prospect of a second referendum. An average of 47.69% of readers said they would support another plebiscite on EU membership, while 43.43% were against. A substantial 84% of indy100 readers said they would support another vote, followed by 71% of HuffPost UK readers, 67% of Independent readers and 67% of Times readers. The Daily Telegraph’s voters took a different stand, with 71% siding against another referendum.

For more diverse insights, the Independent and HuffPost UK asked their audiences if Brexit should be reversed. 73% of Independent readers said yes, and 69% of HuffPost UK readers agreed. 20% of HuffPost UK readers were against reversing the decision, along with only 12% of Independent readers.

With a no deal Brexit becoming a greater possibility, publishers have been asking their readers if they think leaving the EU will be good for the UK’s economy. Barron’s readers responded with a firm no at 73%, versus just 15% who thought it would have a positive effect. At the Independent, 68% of readers said the economy would be adversely affected, and 18% said it would not. HuffPost UK readers followed a similar trend, with 72% predicting a negative effect on the UK’s economy after Brexit.

Former Conservative minister Justine Greening proposed a Brexit referendum with three voting options:

  1. Remain in the EU,
  2. A no deal Brexit, or
  3. Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

We asked audiences how they would vote in a Final Say referendum, given these options. 64% of Times Red Box readers said they would choose to stay in the EU. 31% would vote for a no deal Brexit, while only 5% wanted to follow the Chequers plan. 93% of Independent readers said they would vote to remain, while 4% wanted a no deal Brexit, and only 1% said they would opt for Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

Hear what your readers have to say

Using these polls, our partners gained valuable and perhaps surprising insights into their readers’ opinions. Going forward, these learnings can contribute to new and relevant content, while deepening the relationship each publisher has with its readers. As readers engage in the content they read and have their say on hot debates, we’ve seen they also stay for longer, read more articles, and share more content on social media.

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Opinary polls are not scientific or representative of the greater populace. Data mentioned in this article was collected at different times during the last two years.

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