Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Some people love the festivities and look forward to their days off with family and friends. Others are annoyed by the stress of shopping and the consumer hype. Our colleagues are also divided on this question and there is a lot of discussion about it. After all, hardly anyone is able to avoid this topic during the Christmas season.

That’s why we have used this opportunity to present our new format to you. We will publish an advent story every week until Christmas – you can see the first one here:

With the Opinary Stories, multimedia content can finally be connected to our questions.

From now on there are even more possibilities to reach media users in a crucial moment: when they have just voted and it’s clear what they are interested in. If you have the right content, you can get millions of users excited about your story. How do we achieve such a high engagement on our tools? Because our tools are natively integrated in contextually fitting articles, that match the readers interests.

If you want to start a genuine dialogue with your customers, start with Opinary Stories.