When was the last time you read the news without AdBlocker? It can be overwhelming – invasive pop-up ads, annoying banners, video ads that follow you as you scroll, and suggested articles from shady sites you’ve never heard of before. It’s annoying, and it’s not what you’re there for, but they’re all begging you for one thing: your attention.

There is a solution

What if, instead of in-your-face bids for your attention, data, and money, news sites transformed their strategy entirely and asked for your opinion on the news topics you’re reading? With an easy-to-use poll, you could engage with debates in the news, see where thousands of other readers stand, and your newsroom of choice gains valuable insights and activates previously silent masses of readers.

This article will show you how, by using your voice with a simple click on a poll, you can transform your news reading experience, and help publishers to serve you better.


Remember those annoying pop-up banners and videos ads? They’re there for one reason: the newspapers you love need money to cover the latest news, write in-depth analyses, and bring global events to your screen.


Before we continue, why don’t you give this poll a try:


At Opinary, we’re all avid news-readers and media consumers. We thought long and hard about a way to integrate subscription conversions and adverts into articles without distracting you from the content you’re trying to read. Our solution: put the reader in control. Here’s how, using a poll like the one above, you decide on your own news reading journey.

First, you vote in a poll about the article you’re reading: 

It will always be a relevant poll that lets you and the publisher see what other readers think about the topic of the article. You get to compare your opinion to thousands of other readers, and help the publishers get to know you better. 


Using information like this, we were able to let Süddeutsche Zeitung track reader sentiment about the German football team’s progress in the World Cup. Then they ran an article breaking down these insights to their readers.

Afterwards, the poll transitions to the beginning of a conversation between you and the newspaper, or a brand, like this:


This content will be relevant to what you’ve been engaging with. If you’re interested, you can go ahead and hear more of what they have to say. If not, you don’t need to do anything more – just keep reading the article. It’s all in your hands.


At Opinary, we aim to help readers and publishers build long-lasting relationships based on real interactions. We love the inquisitive side of journalism that asks questions to create value, not flashing banners that detract from readers’ experiences. With us, readers and newsrooms get a better understanding of people’s sentiment in key debates. And it works. Our tools have proven to help publishers and brands to engage, understand and convert their audiences – by helping them to start conversations with readers at scale.


If you’re a publisher or a brand who wants to start a conversation with your audience, send us an email or use our contact form. If you’re a news reader, keep reading and voting to support the publishers you love.