Driving Subscriptions

How German online newspaper
Der Tagesspiegel uses Opinary to
convert users into paid subscriptions.

Der Tagesspiegel’s goal is to convert users into trial subscriptions for their digital paid offering called “Tagesspiegel Plus”.
Just as for many other publishers, charging users for content and membership is a challenge in a climate of declining trust in established news media and overall low willingness to pay for digital news content among non-subscribers. 54% of the users in Germany are currently not willing to pay for additional content*. Due to this, a communication strategy is needed that re-establishes trust, and raises interest and perceived value – the main obstacles to the overall willingness to pay. 

*Reuters Digital News Report, 2023

Opinary’s polling tools activate readers in articles with questions and convert engaged readers into user-declared 1st Party Data, subscriptions, signups and revenues.
Tagesspiegel places polls hyper-contextually in relevant articles with Opinary’s automated distribution system. After voting, users are presented with a banner thanking them for their vote, and offering them a special subscription offer as a reward, which they can redeem with only a few clicks. Tagesspiegel a-/b-tested various of these banners against each other.

Try it for yourself! 

Text elements and CTAs were continuously optimised using AB tests, which led to the final banner version achieving a click rate of 4.5% (+100% compared to the start of the campaign).
In the important target group of users with an affinity for Tagesspiegel the number of interactions with banners also increased considerably. (+57% since July 2020 compared to the previous period of measurement).
The number of trial subscriptions generated increased significantly: In January 2021, Opinary polls and banners generated an uplift of 282% in trial subscriptions. (Compared to the month of Opinary’s launch on Tagesspiegel in July 2020).

Der Tagesspiegel has been using Opinary successfully since 2019, both on our website and in our newsletter “Tagesspiegel Checkpoint” (…) as a tool for acquiring trial subscriptions and in marketing – we are extremely pleased about the trusted and professional partnership!

Farhad Kahlil
Managing Director and CDO,
Verlag der Tagesspiegel GmbH


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