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What does a partnership include?

We offer you access to the tool editor, which allows for the easy and unlimited creation of polls in your own design, as well as permanent tech and editorial support. In addition, we can play out “Call to Actions” to your readers after your surveys (e.g. to promote newsletters or subscriptions) or monetize your readership through sponsored surveys from our network.

What are the first steps?

You can start with a free six-week trial period during which you have access to our tools and services. During these six weeks, we support you every step of the way. At the end of the trial period, we provide you with an in-depth report, which we discuss together in an evaluation meeting with an outlook toward next steps.

Do you have examples of successful cooperations?

Of course! Take a look at some of our case studies here

Is Opinary suitable for smaller publishers?

Absolutely. Opinary’s tools are used internationally by big and small publishers alike.

How do I create a poll?

1. Log into your Opinary Dashboard and click on “create poll”.

2. Choose your preferred format (Speedometer, Multiple Choice or Slider).

3. Write your question and the answer options, then click on “save and preview”. The whole process takes no longer than 2 minutes.

What makes a good question?

When searching for the right question, you should ask yourself which topics your audience would potentially discuss after reading an article. Which polarizing debate lies at the bottom of a given topic? The two answer choices (especially in the case of the Speedometer poll format) should be as far apart as possible in order to allow readers to position themselves within a large radius. The answers should also be formulated both shortly and precisely.

What type of polls are there?

The Speedometer allows for the representation of a wide range of opinions and is our most engaging tool.

The Slider allows you to ask questions that can be answered on a scale.

The Multiple Choice format is the most visual of our tools and allows you to insert pictures.

Find more details here

Can the polls be manipulated?

Along with every vote cast in an Opinary poll, the IP-address of the voter is validated and checked by our anti-fraud system. Our anti-fraud system is meant to prevent fraudulent activities and poll manipulation by bots.

How does the Automated Matching System (AMS) work?

We offer our publisher partners the possibility to use our “Automated Matching System”. Our algorithm automatically places contextually-fitting polls, drawn from a library of your making, into your articles. The automated polls are curated and kept up to date by our team. These automated questions are always either evergreen (e.g. speed limit), seasonal (e.g. Christmas) or reflect current reporting trends (e.g. Corona). This saves manual work for your team and ensures a basic level of article coverage with polls.

What is the engagement rate?

The engagement rate indicates the percentage of readers who have seen an Opinary poll and actually voted on it. It therefore shows how appealing or relevant a given question is to your audience.

What editorial services does Opinary offer?

Daily updates: We send you a set of questions each morning curated to reflect the current news topics. To subscribe to this mailing list, just send a short e-mail to torsten@opinary.com.

Weekly reporting: You can track how your polls perform in a weekly email that we will send you upon request.

Where can I find information concerning the performance of my polls?

In the “Analytics” tab found in your Opinary Dashboard, you can check how your polls are performing.

Does Opinary collect personal data?

Yes. Through the Opinary plug-in, the following personal information is collected: shortened IP-addresses and advertising cookies (as local storage). Our data processing is based on Art. 6 paragraph 1 (a) of the GDPR. We refer to data processing in our privacy statement and offer readers an opt-out function. For further protection of users’ personal information, together with our EU based partners, we specify the sequence/order of the processing of this data (according to the GDPR) in a Joint Controller Agreement (Art. 26 GDPR).

Is Opinary TCF v.2.0 registered?

Yes, Opinary is registered as a vendor within the new Transparency and Consent Framework of IAB Europe. Our vendor number is 488. Publishers can include us in their set-up via their Consent Management Platform and control the consent query.

How are polls integrated?

After the poll has been created in the dashboard, you can copy and paste the embed code into your article template. With a little practice, this process takes 1-2 minutes.

How does the script for the Automated Matching System (AMS) get embedded?

Our team will provide you with a technical documentation on how to embed the script. More precisely, a Javascript will be embedded on your site in addition to a placeholder in the article template.

Are there any guidelines for advertising materials?

We have created specs for the ideal advertising format, which we are happy to share with you – just message us. In general, we recommend that ad banners avoid using too much text, make a clear “Call to Action”, and establish a direct relationship with the poll (for example “Thanks for your vote!”).

How do I check the performance of my advertising materials?

In the “Conversion” tab found in your Opinary Dashboard, you can see how well your promotional materials are performing.