Opinary Year in Review 2023

The Holiday season is upon us, and we are excited to share with you our End of the Year Review – what were the most voted on topics in the past 12 months? What were the most heated debates? We definitely don’t know all the answers, but we deeply believe in asking the right questions and supporting more voices to join the conversation.

War in Ukraine – almost two years in

Similarly to last year, the war in Ukraine has deeply occupied the minds of readers and publishers. The readership of The Times of London is stern in its support for Ukraine, while Yahoo News UK’s readers recognise the effects that the war has had on global geopolitical equilibria.

Inflation and living costs

According to the readers of Yahoo News UK, there is a general feeling of disappointment in the political measures adopted to counter this, while large sections of UK readerships say they had to change spending habits. This seems to have affected less the Times of London readers, where around one third of readers share they haven’t changed their spending habits.

Coronavirus Pandemic

MSNBC readers in the US share that they keep taking precautions against infection, as well as testing for Covid when they feel sick, as the majority of Yahoo Canada readers share. And, with the infection rate on the rise again, we imagine more people globally will be asking themselves how to behave in the next months, as the Times’ readership shows.


As the 2024 US elections approach, Trump is the absolute protagonist of cross-publisher news headlines. The Times’ readership has no doubt about his defeat, while Yahoo News UK’s readers are sure he will not be a relevant figure in US politics for long. MSNBC’s audience is particularly invested in his legal woes.

We – the Publishers Team at Opinary – wish you a happy new year and a peaceful and relaxing holiday season! We are already looking forward to the new year with you.